Sergeant Steven N. Creasey

Proven leadership. Experience where it counts. 

Committed to Goochland County.

Dear Citizens of Goochland County,


I am running for Sheriff of Goochland County because of my deep-rooted desire to serve and  protect the citizens of Goochland.  I am committed to our community, upholding the law, and preserving Goochland’s safety for our families.


I am a lifelong resident of Goochland County.  I was born, raised, and educated in Goochland County.  My wife, Grace and I have chosen to raise our daughter, Ellie in Goochland.  My mother, 2 brothers, 1 of my 2 sisters and their families all live in Goochland. 


I have served my entire professional career in the Goochland County Sheriff's Office.  My commitment to God, my family, and the citizens of Goochland County has always been and will always remain my top priority.  


My leadership as a sergeant, as a 27+ year volunteer in the Goochland County Fire-Rescue Association, and as a member of the Goochland County Fire-Rescue Association Board of Directors makes me the best candidate for the next Sheriff of Goochland County.


My experience, beginning as a dispatcher and then rising through the ranks of deputy, corporal and sergeant with the Goochland Sheriff's Office, has resulted in my participation and exposure to all operational aspects of the Sheriff's Office, which makes me the best candidate for the next Sheriff of Goochland County.


My commitment for the Goochland County Sheriff's Office to reach the highest level of professional and integrity-based standards to the benefit of the citizens, makes me the best candidate for the next Sheriff of Goochland County. 


From a personal point of view, one of the more important factors that makes me the best candidate for Sheriff of Goochland County is just how deeply honored I will be to serve my lifelong friends, colleagues, former schoolmates, fellow community members, and the countless people I meet each day as I serve this beautiful county.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  Please take the time to examine my qualifications and experience more thoroughly as I seek election as the next Sheriff of Goochland County.  


Kindest Regards,

Steven N. Creasey


NOVEMBER 5, 2019!

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Goochland, Virginia 23063

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