Creasey's Priorities 

Steven N. Creasey - Professional statement:

I believe in a proactive approach to law enforcement through building and maintaining positive relationships with the Goochland community, both citizens and businesses.

Multi-Community Partnerships

In law enforcement, the trust of the citizens being served is imperative.  If you do not have the trust of those you are serving, as a leader, you cannot effectively solve current challenges or build strategies to prepare for future challenges.  As Sheriff of Goochland County, I will create Sheriff's Roundtables, which will be composed of citizens from all demographics, including the public and private sectors, that represent Goochland County.  This process will improve communication, transparency, and trust between the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Goochland County.  The Sheriff's Roundtables will be used to gather feedback about the Sheriff's Office from the citizens of the County and make changes, whenever possible, based on the feedback received.

School Safety

As a father and an uncle of children in Goochland County Public Schools, the safety and security of our children and schools is very personal to me.  As Sheriff of Goochland County, I will work closely with the Goochland County Schools Superintendent, School Board, School Resource Officers, and local P.T.A.s to ensure the optimum security of our school buildings and our children each moment they spend in the classrooms, on our athletic fields and courts, or on the stage performing.


While opioids are currently the most prevalent drug we hear about in the news, it is important we do not lose sight of the countless other drugs leading people to the disease of addiction and death.

As Sheriff of Goochland County, I will use a comprehensive approach to combat drugs in our community, which will consist of education, prevention, and enforcement.  Additionally, I will work in conjunction with surrounding jurisdictions and our Commonwealth Attorney's Office to ensure successful prosecution is achieved.

Keeping Goochland Safe

Keeping Goochland County safe is a top priority as we look to the future of what is sure to be more expansion of development into Goochland County.  As our population grows, so do the needs of our citizens.  As Sheriff of Goochland County, I will hire the best, train the best, and retain the best deputies to anticipate, plan, and prepare for future law enforcement challenges. 

Community Policing

Community policing is an important tool in building relationships with the community.  With over 20 years of experience in Goochland County as a law enforcement officer, I have seen time and time again where positive relationships between law enforcement and the community prevent crime and, in the event that crime happens, relationships often help to solve crimes.  As Sheriff of Goochland County, I will ensure deputies understand the value of building positive relationships in our community as we all work together to preserve Goochland’s safety for our families.


NOVEMBER 5, 2019!

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